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Diamond Courses    13th - 19th May 2019

Two courses are offered, limited to 12 students per course.

To be held in Auckland at the Quality Hotel, Parnell. Includes morning teas & lunch.

1. The Gemmological Association of Australia Practical Diamond Grading Course.   $1850.00

The course is over 5 days, 9:00am- 5:00pm, Monday 13th to Friday 17th May 2019.It is an intensive hands-on course, covering all aspects of practical diamond grading for colour, clarity, cut and includes identification of the common diamond treatments, diamond simulants and basic discussion on lab-created (synthetic) diamonds. Each student is provided with all necessary equipment for the course and is provided, to keep, the GAA Diamond Grading Manual, 10x loupe, tweezers, cloth. There is an exam on the Friday and, upon passing, will be awarded the GAA Diamond Grading Certificate. This course is also the practical section of the GAA Diploma in Diamond Technology, which you can complete by correspondence with GAA if you choose, although a prerequisite diploma in gemmology is required. The course is designed for those with a keen interest in learning more about diamonds, ideal for those in the trade who wish to advance their skills.

2. The Gemmological Association of Australia Advanced Diamond Grading Course.  $750 

    (or both courses for $2400)

The course is over 2 days, 9:00am- 5:00pm, Saturday 18th to Sunday 19th May 2019

The advanced course is only suited for those who have already completed the GAA Diamond Grading Course, however you can do both courses in tandem if you choose. It covers a more in-depth study of diamond grading including evaluating brilliance, dispertion & scintelation, fancy shapes, fancy colours, old cuts, evaluating stones for re-cutting, identification of lab-created diamonds and more. The course is suited to those who wish to take their skills to the next level for a career working with diamonds. There is an exam and, upon passing, will be awarded the GAA Advanced Diamond Grading Certificate.

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Advanced Diamond Course details here.


Gladstone Room 3

Quality Hotel Parnell
10 - 20 Gladstone Road
Auckland 1052

Parking available

Accommodation is available at the Quality Hotel     

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